Acrylic & Gel Nails

Rexburg Hair Salon - Custom Nails

Looking for great nails in Rexburg? Bdazzled Hair Salon offers a wide variety of services to help you out with your nails. Come and see us to get your nails pampered by one of our certified nail technicians. BDazzled offers a wide variety of options for your nails ranging from acrylic to gel nails.

What type of nails are right for me?
Acrylic nails – last longer, look less natural, usually cheaper, slower curing time, hard & robust, less variety when compared to gel nails. Gel Nails – more natural & glossy look, less durable than acrylic, faster curing time, most are flexible, wide variety of textures and design options available when compared to acrylic.

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Nails & Pedicure Pricing

Nail Pricing Overview
Service Price
Manicures - $15
Pedicures - $30
Gel Nails - Full Set - $45
Gel Nails - Fill - $35
Gel Nail Polish - $25
Other Nails - Full Set - $35
Other Nails - Fill - $28