Hair Coloring & Weaves

Coloring & Weaves Overview

Hair Coloring: Looking for that professional hair salon coloring? Then Bedazzled Salon of Rexburg is the right place for you. We carry and only use certified salon coloring dyes to ensure your satisfaction. Our stylists are certified and trained in the use of hair coloring dyes, and techniques.

Weaves: Weaves are great in there ability to alter ones hair & appearance for short and long durations. By adding to ones hair with natural or synthetic hair pieces it enhances your hair giving it length, volume, and by adding color. Hair weaves are great options if your looking for a natural look without the use of harsh chemicals. Adopt the style and texture you’ve been waiting for naturally with hair weaves from BDazzled.

Why Color your Hair w/ Bdazzled Salon?

  • Salon coloring techniques offer you customized choices ensuring the look you desire
  • Our products and coloring enable your hair to actually look shiner, healthier, and improve your hairs conditions.
  • Even subtle changes and color improvements can make a big difference in your style & look.
  • Our hair salon stylist's keep up with current trends, styles, and creativity to customize your preferred look.
  • We use only professional salon products, techniques, and coloring advancements for your hair.
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Hair Coloring Dyes & Weaves For Woman

BDazzled Pricing Overview
Service Price
Hair Coloring Starting At - $65